The Present State of a Company's Assets
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The Present State of a Company's Assets
  Name of the CompanyWhat's On Communications
  AddressTong-il Bldg. 3F. 25-5 Pil-dong 3-ga Jung-gu Seoul (zip code : 100-273), Korea
  Date of EstablishmentMay 8th, 2000
  Main Business Field1. Publish Monthly Tourist Magazine 'What's On Seoul'
2. Operate(Run) Tourism Web Site ''
3. Contents Provider(Business To Business)
4. Provide materials for Tourism and Contents
5. Operate(Run) Community for Foreigners who love Korea
6. Inbound Tourism Business (Expectation)
7. Cyber Education Business

  Purpose of EstablishmentProvide useful information about Seoul and Korea to foreign residents and tourists. Contribute to development of Korea tourism industry.

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