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What's On Distributors
Accommodations(Hotel) Grand Inter-Continental Hotel 02-555-5656
Novotel Ambassador Gangnam Hotel 02-838-1101
New World Hotel 02-557-0111
Radison Seoul Plaza Hotel 02-771-2200
Renaissance Hotel 02-2222-8621
Ritz Carton Hotel 02-3451-8000
Magarette Hotel 02-929-2000
Oak Wood Premier Hotel 02-3466-7000
Westin Chosun Hotel 02-771-0500
JW Marriot Hotel 02-6282-6262
Koreana Hotel 02-730-9911
Coex Inter-Continental Hotel 02-3452-2500
Crown Hotel 02-797-4111
Tower Hotel 02-2236-2121
Hotel Riviera 02-541-3111
Hotel Sofitel Ambassador Seoul 02-2270-3111
Hotel Shilla 02-2270-3111
Hotel Amiga 02-3440-8000
Holiday Inn Seoul Hotel 02-717-9441
Hilton Hotel 02-753-7788
Daewon Inn 02-738-4308
Airlines Air Canada(in the Pocket) 02-779-5654
JAL(Japan Airlines) Office 02-757-1711
Japan Air System 02-752-9090
Foreign Organization USO Seoul 02-795-3028
Seoul Foreign Correspondent's Club in Press Center 02-2001-7114
USA Embassy Public Affairs
USA Embassy CLO
England Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Korea 02-720-9406
Japanese Embassy 02-739-7400
Japanese Club 02-739-6962
French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Korea 02-2268-9505
Shopping Center Korea Souvenir Center (Myeong-dong) 02-778-6529
Korea Souvenir Center (Insa-dong) 02-734-2234
Korean House (Phil-dong) 02-2266-9101
Performance Hall The National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts 02-580-3300
Nanta Theater 02-739-8288
Chongdong Theater 02-773-8960
Tourist Information Center Incheon Int'l Airport TIC(East) 032-743-2600~3
Incheon Int'l Airport TIC(West)
Gwanghwamun TIC 02-735-5678
Namdaemun TIC 02-752-1913
Namsan TIC 02-777-1621
Deoksu-gung TIC 02-756-0045
Dongdaemun TIC 02-2236-9135
Myeong-dong TIC (Infront of Midopa Dept.) 02-774-3238
Munjeong-dong TIC 019-221-8114
Seoul Station TIC 02-3149-2530
Seoul City Public Information Center (Hanvit Bank) 02-731-6337
TIC of Introducing World Cup 02-736-0212
Itaewon TIC 1(Samgakji direction) 02-794-2490
Itaewon TIC 2(Across from Hamilton) 011-9627-4137
Itaewon TIC 3(Hannam-dong direction)  
Insa-dong TIC(North) 02-734-2000
Insa-dong TIC(South) 02-734-2490
Jamshil Station TIC 02-412-7877
TIC of KNTO 02-757-0086
Hyehwa Station TIC 02-743-7732
Restaurant / Bar New primera (Itaewon / Bar) 02-798-9277
Alps Chalet (Restaurant) 02-516-3146
MMT ( Itaewon / Bar) 02-792-7719
Utopia Club (Itaewon / Bar) 02-792-1228
Jinya (Namdaemun / Japanese Restaurant) 02-3783-7088
Cheongjinok 02-735-1690
Others PL Consulting (Real Estate) 02-792-5000

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