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Application of Advertisment
What's On Seoul is an effective advertising medium,
producing impressive results at minimal costs.
Section Ad size Price(US$) Advertising Discount
Compound English and Japanese Inside of Cover: 1page $ 2,400 * Advertise for more than 3 consecutive months to receive a 20% discount.

* Please remember to add 10% VAT.
Full page(facing cover2): 1page $ 2,000
Full page(facing contents): 1page $ 1,600
Full page(behind contents): 1page $ 1,400
Full page: 1page $ 1,200
Vertical: 2/3page $ 800
Vertical: 1/2page $ 650
Vertical or Horizontal: 1/3page $ 500
Vertical or Horizontal: 1/6page $ 150

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