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What's On News
When WHATSONKOREA.COM, the homepage of 'What's On Seoul'(the monthly tourist magazine) began to open in August 1, 2001. the WHATSONKOREA.COM was recommended as website for travelers due to the faithfulness of content, smart design and structure. 'What's on Seoul' received a lot of e-mail from netizen. Besides, the website get a favorable reception from critics in that the website is planned for the users.
[ April 18, 2002 ]
What's On Communications and Infocus have linked up the Hotel, Condo reservation service so WHATSONKOREA.COM website opens accommodation reservation service nationwide in Korea.
[ What's On is a famous brand to mania traveler in the world ]
What's on become famous to guide for travel information and culture information in the world, such as Stockholm, Oslo, Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Sydney, Wallington, Christ Church, Bahamas, Kingston, Hong Kong, and so on. What's On is a frienly brand to mania traveler.
[ January, 2002 ]
Naver chose WHATSONKOREA.COM website as a cool website
[ December 17, 2001 ]
Visual Search Engine X2 Search chose WHATSONKOREA.COM website as a cool website
[ September 19, 2001 ]
'What's On Seoul' won a prize of Seoul 2001 for public information booklet of Seoul, at the competition organized by Seoul municipal authorities.
[ August 20, 2001 ~ October 22, 2001 ]
WHATSONKOREA.COM was chosen twice as recommended website of this week by Altavista
[ August 13, 2001 ]
Empas chose WHATSONKOREA.COM website as a cool website
[ January, 2001 ]
The booklets of 'What's On Seoul' were offered by the request of the Korean department of foreign policy of trade, to the press and suite of the president of Brazil, when the president of Brazil visited Korea.
[ Octorber 2, 2000 ]
'What's On Seoul' tied up strategic cooperation with Digital Chosun newspaper by offering the tourist contents written in English as well as in Japanese.
In October 12, 2000, 'What's On Seoul' was tied up a strategic cooperation with the Seoul Digital Chosun, by offering Digital Chosun newspaper its tourist content in English as well as in Japanese for 1 year. The strategic cooperation was done at the end of the publication of 'What's on Seoul' for 4 months. It proves that 'What's On Seoul' will animate the market of Korean tourist magazine where there is little Korean tourist magazine having high quality of content for travelers.
won a prize of Seoul 2001 for public information booklet of Seoul, at the competition organized by Seoul municipal authorities.
[ October ~ November, 2000 ]
'What's On Seoul' was chosen as a tourist guide for Japanese youth representatives by Korean foreign policy and commerce department.
About 80 booklet of 'What's On Seoul', the tourist magazine were offered to Japanese youth representatives when they visited Seoul by request of Korean public information section in the department of trade and foreign policy. It is because 'What's On Seoul' has a characteristic that is different from other magazines existing in Korea. In addition to providing tourist information, it is edited on the basis of faithful structure in its content of Korean culture, so that tourists comprehend Korean culture.

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