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The Ultimate City Guide¡¦ What's On
What's On' is a tourist website providing information to over 5 million Koreans, tourists and foreign residents. We aim to guide you through contemporary Korea with an insight into the origins of Korean culture.

We feature Korea's main tourist attractions and other destinations, which are a little more 'off the beaten track'. Our accommodation, food and entertainment guides include reviews and directions. The website also provides some invaluable cultural information to help you make the most of your experience.

Currently 'What's on' gives an in-depth guide to Seoul, but in the near future the website will also feature other regions such as Busan, Gyeongju, Jeju, Buyeo, Gongju and the East coast. We also have a plan to open the Chinese website.

Korea at the click of your fingers! Use 'What's On' to begin your journey through our fascinating country.

  1. Information about culture.
Performance, Exhibition, film, play, gallery, and so on What's on has prepared a lot of enjoyable events. Enjoy with your partner, family.
  2. Big events and local festival and traditional culture.
A lot of events perform with great interest. Especially foreigners are felt interest and impression about traditional festivals and any small events. You can close to real Korean sightseeing.
  3. Can feel to Korean traditional and flavor.
What is the Korean zest? What is mean of traditional? Could you get the answer from What's on? We guide a real zest and beauty of Korea. We will explain such as wonderful Dancheong(color), elegance of HanBok (Traditional clothes) and the proud of graceful Cheongja(ceramic), broken silent of Pungkung(sound).
  4. What about shopping?
Department stores, shopping malls, high streets, designer's brand shops, duty free shops and markets are among the vast number of shopping opportunities in Seoul. Long opening hours and endless stores mean the problem is not where to start but where to stop!
  5. What about accommodation?
From five star hotels to youth hostels, we have your accommodation needs covered. We have details on hotels, motels, homestays, guesthouses, boarding houses and hostels.
  6. Food and drink
Finding the right restaurant for your dining needs and desires can be a challenge in a big city. We have prepared a comprehensive guide to some of the many restaurants in Seoul. Just choose the style of food you want to eat and the kind of atmosphere you wish to soak up and click away.
  7. What's on night
There are music, dancing, family oriented place, and you can meet a lot of people in the wonderful place.
  8. What's on in Seoul?
From the tranquility of a golf course to the energetic pulse of a nightclub, all your entertainment and recreation needs are covered. For nights on the town or days in the country, fun is just a click away!
  9. What's on assistance
When you need some help, would you click the information site and then follow explain. If you prepare the journey, you will travel comfortably.
  10.What's on map
What's on has prepared a vast of maps such as subway map, about 20 part of maps, and etc.Also The traveler can find easily the land parks and exit at subway. We hope that everybody close to Seoul through the what's on maps.

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