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Business Collaboration Information
Let What's On Do the Hard Work for Your Company can provide information, articles, and services to individuals, local businesses, and overseas companies.
What's On Seoul Magazine was founded over a year ago, and has enjoyed a steadily growing readership.

   Business Services:
   1. Articles.
   2. Maps, cultural information, event and festival information.
   3. Market research data, sales promotions.
   4. Advertising opportunities.
   5. Cyber Education Business.

   What's On Seoul and feature:
   1. Festival of Culture, performance, film, gallery, and so on
   2. Cultural Calendars including festivals, events, performances, plays, exhibitions, and much moreˇ¦
   3. Introduction to Seoul - News, Reviews, Maps, and much moreˇ¦
   4. Seoul Walking Tour
   5. Seoul City Tour
   6. Theme Tour
   7. Information on suburbs
   8. Introductory articles on traditional culture, customs, and art
   9. Main people in Sightseeing and culture
   10. Local festival and traditional events
   11. Contact details useful to tourists such as Tourist Information Hotlines, Currency Exchange Centers, and Emergency contacts
   12. Overview Maps of Seoul, detailed district maps, subway map.
   13. Accommodation Guide
   14. Shopping Guide
   15. Restaurant Guide
   16. List of beauty and health
   17. Consulting, law, patent
   18. Sports, Leisure, and Entertainment Guide
   19. Night Life Guide

   For further details of how we can help your business please contact!
   Mr. Jay Kim
   Tel: 822-2266-0490
   Fax: 822-2273-9426
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   Thank you!

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