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Feel free to write about your opinion of Korea here, culture shock,
and any particular episodes you have had.
By sharing the difficulties that you have had, you can help others no end.
Experince of korea
NameWasim Signdate13-02-2004 16:00:56
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Comments Hello every one !

I visited Seoul first time in Sept 1999. Since then I have visted Korea 12 times . some times i have even stayed for 40 days . I have been to many cities 7 lot of korean from Farmers to Media Man & business tycons. so far my experince in traveling to korea is very nice I have noting bad thing to recall . This year again I will be in korea for 35 days at Sokcho   to participate in Summer festival . Particpatin in Fairs & Expos is my profession & passion thioa enables me to experince variouys cultures & meet different kind of People .

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