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Tomato Festival
Nameim Signdate22-07-2005 10:26:51
Homepage http://www.tomatofestival.co.kr
Attach Filetomato.JPG (554 Kb)
Comments 2005 Tomato Festivel

July 29th 2004(Fri) ~ 31(Sun)

¡ºThe 3rd Hwacheon Hwaksan Tomato Festival¡»

There is a saying that tomatoes become red, and doctors become blue. Without doubt, the tomato is a health food. The tomato, which has various vitamins in it, has recently been grabbing the attention of Korean people. Now you can enjoy a unique festival, whose subject is a tomato, in Korea.

The Third Hwacheon Hwaksan Tomato Festival is held in Hwacheon-gun, Gangwon-do from July 29 through July 31, being supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Ottogi Co., Ltd.

Along with the campaign "Enjoy Your Summer Vacation in Rural Communities" launched by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, its "Green Holiday" schedule will offer city-dwellers opportunities to experience the events of communities in person and have very special summer vacations.

In Bunyol, Spain, an amusing festival called a Tomato Battle is held on the last Wednesday in August every year. All people who take part in the Battle throw tomatoes toward each other zealously. And you can feel the fun and reputation of the Spanish tomato festival by spending your holidays in Hwacheon-gun, Ganwon-do, Korea.

The 3rd Hwacheon-gun Hwaksan Tomato Festival is full of exciting and rousing events, including tomato harvest, tomato eating, tomato shooting, tomato sliding, tomato piling, tomato battle, tomato scrum, and tomato soccer. So it will be a best choice for a family who have not decided on a destination for their summer vacation. Adults will be able to go back to their childhood memories, and children will be able to feel the comfortableness and richness given by a farm village. Not only that, the participation of foreigners will make the festival more special and invigorating.
If you have not made a plan for a summer vacation yet, how about leaving for Hwacheon, Gangwon-do, and refreshing your body and mind with red tomatoes?

¢Ñ Applications and Inquiries : The Hwacheon-gun Agricultural Technology Center (033-440-2375)
¢Ñ http://www.tomatofestival.co.kr

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