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What's your favorite Korean dish?
Do you know of a great restaurant in Seoul?
Why not share this information with everyone?
awesome salsas can be found at this famous restaurant!
Nameawesome Signdate01-09-2005 00:57:09
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Comments awesome salsas can be found at this famous restaurant!

I found this awesome mexican restaurant that has pretty good salsas - they
got several salsas ranging from pico de gallo, salsa de arbol to salsa
verde from tomatillo.   They are named casa loca (¡°crazy house¡±) and they
are at the heart of apkujung-dong, cross the street from cinecity movie
theater which is a tall black landmark building on the do-san blvd.

My buddies insisted me upon going here because they said the food is just
fantastic here though you aren't gonna be paying taco bell price for the
tacos but you are getting relatively large dish with different garnishes -
it's more like taco platter than a simple taco itself.   Of course the
ambient is way better than fast-food chains.

They restaurant is an upscale mexican diner with good mexican mariachi
music and gourmet food.   I suggest you try their less common Mexican food
like seafood jalisco and shrimp ranchero.   They are a little spicy but they
really give you an idea of what the real authentic mexican flavor is.

The restaurant mgr also told me they have another location at yeouido which
is an island in the middle of the han river.   Yeouido is where they have 63
building, i-max theater, yeouido-park and congress.   Also the mgr said they
opened a food-court style cheaper version of their restaurant called casa
loca express in the basement of newly-opened shinsegae dept store in
downtown central location in seoul, but he recommended this place only for
the economic shoppers as the food over there just cant¡¯ match the quality
of apkujung or yeouido.

The restaurant seem to be a very popular mexican restaurant in town and
you'll see why if you read their homepage ( www.casaloca.co.kr).   Many
articles and tv appearances in the past proves you.   Log on and you'll find
their easy and exact map at their website.

If you are hanging out in a more trendy area then the apkujung is the best
option for you.   If you are having a roller blade day at the yeouido-park
or biking at the han-river riverside park, then the yeouido location is a
sure bet.   Both seem to open till late 7-days a week.

They are also well-known, which I found out after visiting them, for not
using msgs, microwave products, artificial colors, preservatives, or animal
fat - all healthy ingredient concept that hit the U.S. Mexican restaurant
market BIG time in recent years.

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