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What's your favorite Korean dish?
Do you know of a great restaurant in Seoul?
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Way to advertise to Korean effectively
NamePosting Signdate01-02-2005 22:06:50
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Comments Way to advertise to Korean effectively

How are you?
Our company is a PR agent in Korea.

We offer you the services for instance,
making your ads in Korean and putting
the advertisements in the bulletin board
on a variety of the web sites so that your
ads may be prevailed and well-known nationwide.

It is very effective when you advertise your
products and services, or when in job searching
and in informing or suggesting anything to Korean.
The ads in the bulletin board on the web site
are not easy for Korean to understand them.
It is limited to those who can understand English,
so the competition is very fierce.

However, it would be more effective if you make
the ads in Korean and put them in the bulletin
board of the web site written in Korean.
You can get the result as fast as possible and
as much as possible
It is okay for you not to speak Korean.

We will translate the ads and search the relevant
websites for putting them to the bulletin board
on the web sites.
In addition, we offer consulting service to Korean,
if only the conditions are met, we introduce each other.
In this regard, it is very convenient.

Hopefully you may meet as many as Korean customers

* Advertising in korean
* Advertising in korean free board website
* costumer response
* Recomendation and business connection
* All kinds of advertising posting service

- please e-mail at webaround@hanmail.net

Thank you.

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