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"Haddon House" Supermarket
Namegrocery Signdate21-02-2005 10:04:01
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Comments "Haddon House" Supermarket
Oksu-dong Hannam Heights Apt. B1

Haddon House in seoul... where shopping is delight.
Your convenient place for grocery shopping.

*** Quality Food Stuff ***

- Over 30,000 Variety of Imported Foods

sauces & spices,
turkeys, meats, lambs, wines, cheese,
frozen Bakery & frozen Berries,
organic foods, fruits & vegetables, fresh spices,
indian curry, thai noodles & thai sauce,
japanese soysauce, household goods etc.

Low price
Free parking
Free delivery

The way you know it!
The way you love it!

open 8:30am ~ 10pm everyday

Tel : (02)794-0511
Fax : (02)2298-2596

Location : Hannam Heights Apt. B1
220-1 Oksu-dong, Songdong-gu, Seoul

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