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Visit Korea in 2001 - the Visit Korea Year

2001 was proclaimed by the Korean president as "Visit Korea Year" in 1998.   Since then Korea has been getting everything ready in order for the visitors to spend a pleasant time during their stay in Korea. With the opening of Inchon International Airport in 2001, the number of people visiting Seoul will increase and by holding the general assembly of the World Tourism Organization more people will get to know Seoul better.

President Kim already shot a commercial with famous Korea stars showing their tremendous supports and investments for Korean tourism. Moreover, beginning with the hosting of ASEM conferences and APEC Tourism Ministerial meeting in the year 2000, Korea has been   steadily preparing big international events such as the 2002 World Cup and Pusan Asian Games.

The phrase, 'A harmonious human race, a peaceful world', in the proclamation for the Visit Korea Year 2001, shows the effort of Korean citizens to bringing a new century of harmony and peace to the world.   And a message inviting you to Korea, a country with a long history of traditional culture and spectacular natural view in the far east, is also what is written in the proclamation for the Visit Korea Year 2001.

The events and programs that are prepared by Seoul as the basis for the Visit Korea Year will surely provide visitors with a wonderful time and cherishable memories.
The joy will easily be all yours with interesting events as long as you take note of your time and set a schedule.

The reenactment of Sumunjang shifting ceremony at Deoksugung, one of Korea's old palaces, is a performance similar to the Changing Ceremony of the Royal Guards in England.

An event of the national army guards opens at 2:00pm on every Friday at the War Memorial. It has also been a representative feature of Korea for years. Variety events are given for the total of an hour and 45 minutes with military musical performance, traditional martial art performance and the Mokchong show.

First Non-Verbal Performance of Korea, 'Nanta' has been performing twice a day regularly. It is a drama based on the rhythm of 'samul-nori' which is played only with traditional Korean percussion instruments.

Chongdong theatre advertised the great culture of Korea around the world, and it became a well-known place for the tourists. Foreign tourists who visit it will be able to experience the daily programs and feel the sounds of pulse of Korea, rhythm of Korea, and gestures of Korea through 'Established Korean Traditional Performing Arts'.

Permanent performances are prepared in The National Center For Korean Traditional Performing Arts, The National Folk Museum of Korea, Unhyungung, Korea House, and Seoul Nolimadang. It is waiting for the tourists and the citizen of Seoul every week days.   There are even more performances prepared in many other places.

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