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  Cheongju,The Bio Expo Korea 2002
The Bio Expo Korea 2002 will be the greatest exposition in the world covering the biotech industry. It is will be a gath...
Hangseong Baekje culture festival
Songpa area was a capital city of the Baekje kingdom 2,000 years ago (5 BC) when King Onjo, the founder of the Baekje, e...
Icheon Ceramic festival
180 artists participate in this ceramic festival held yearly at the ceramic village in Seolbong Park. Visitors are alway...
Jeju International Music Festival
The 7th Jeju Summer Band Festival, under the theme of "Island, the Call of the Wind!" will be held at the Jeju Island Ar...

Regional Festivals and Parties in Korea

Korea has many festivals which are celebrated through music, dance, arts, and the theater. These festivals have roots in traditional customs of the regions that celebrate them.

The biggest traditional culture festival is 'Chunhyang Festival' which takes place in Namwon city, Jeollabuk-do province. "Chunhyang" is the name of the heroine of an old musical drama famous in   Namwon. This festival praises her faithfulness and participants ask to inherit her spirit. The performance opens on April 8th, according to the lunar calender, each year.

The Chunhyang Festival comprises of more than 40 folk events ?street masquerades, processions, farmers percussion dance, musical performances, Ssireum and Chunhyang Beauty Queen contests, and much more.   Namwon Chunhyang Festival takes place over three or four days. The event is a great success with 200,000 people attending.   Other cultural festivals include 'Gossaum Nori' in   Gwangju city (Jeollanam-do province), 'Moon Greeting Festival' in Busan (Gyeonsangnam-do province), and 'Gijishi Judarigi Festival' in Dangjin-gun (Chungcheongnam-do province).

Reccommended Art Festivals include 'Puppet Festival Chuncheon' (Gangwon-do   province), 'Rock Festival' in Busan, 'Sinchon Culture Festival' (Seoul), 'Wang-in Culture Festival' (Young-am city, Jeollanam-do Province), and > > 'Royal Azalea Blossom Festival' (Jeju Island).

Gyongsangnam-do, Jellanam-do, and Gyeonggi-do are the regions that hold the most annual festivals, with 52, 51, and 49 respectively. The festivals are usually held during September and October, when it's bright and clear, and April and May when it's warm.

Jeonju Sori Festival
Places at the Sori Arts Center of Jeollabuk-do where is the Special Traditional Culture Area. The Jeollabuk-do Provinci...
Muju Gucheo, Tour Bus
Korean National Railroad run a train that around ¡®Muju, the glow of a firefly¡¯ festival from 23rd August to 25th Augus...
Naejangsan National Park
The landscape at Naejangsan is like a sea of maple leaves. Every autumn, when maples are at their height a maple festiva...
The fifth Yangseong hot spring sightseeing festival
The fifth Yangseong hot spring sightseeing festival will hold from 14th September to 16th September in Oncheon area, Chu...
The Geumsan Ginseng Festival
Geumsan Ginseng Festival is held every August for 7days and is a traditional event. People pray for a good harvest the f...
Dano han-ma-dang Festival
The Dano Festival is a large scale traditional food festival held every May characterized by wishes for healthy harvests...
Insa-dong Traditional Culture Festival
Insa-dong is a Korean traditional street, where packed by art galleries, antique shops, ceramic sellers, Korean restaura...
Kyungdong, a Medicinal Stuff Market
Oriental/homeopathic medicine has been around for quite some time and depends on the expertise of the learned ancients a...
Seoul Drum Festival
Seoul, Lantern Festival
The Global Lantern Festival will be given for the celebration of holding 2002 World Cup Game, at Namsangol Hanok (tradit...
Suwon Whaseong Culture Festival
Joseon dynasty¡¯s 22nd King Jeongjo is honored in this ceremony with the participation of thousands of citizens. The Gal...
World Wine Festival 2002
Yang Yang, A Fine Mushroom Festival
The visitors can experience the exquisite beauty of mushrooms! Along with a mushroom food fest, the event is organized ...
Ganjin-gun, Goryeo Celadon Tour
The Korea National Tourism Organization is providing foreign residents and tourists low cost tours to Gangjin Goryeo Cel...
Gat Bawi Festival
This festival celebrates Gat Bawi, national treasure 431, and was named after Kwan-bobg- seok- jo-yeo-rae-jwa-sang and t...
General,Nam Yi memorial ritual
Geumsan, Ginseng festival
Jeollanamdo Muan-Gun, A Lotus Festival
The Muan Lotus Festival is held at Muan Oesan, the largest lotus area in Korea covering over 100 thousand pyong. Lotus ...
Namwon,Chunyang Festival
72nd Chunhyang festival celebrates Chunyang who is model of traditional Korean woman as she protected her love and chast...
Seoul Dano Festival
Seoul metropolitan is holding ¡°2002 Seoul Dano Fork Festival¡± every year. Visitors can enjoy special games for Dano an...
The Namyangju Open-air Arts Festival
Namyangju has an annual festival featuring over 100 performances with priority given to the harmony between nature and h...
Jin Do Festival
Visitors can see the waters dividing in Jindo island where like the Red Sea in the biblical story of Moses. The waters e...
Daegu Yangnyeongsi Festival 2002
There are several kinds of oriental medicine shops such as offices for herb doctors and acupuncturists, oriental medicin...

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