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An Unique Experience Awaits You

There¡¯s nothing quite like the feeling of setting off from home with your backpack on your back and passport in hand. Escaping the boredom of life or the stress of the office, you feel free and easy; almost invincible. Your mind is buzzing with ideas of sights you wish to see, foods you wish to taste and adventures you hope to stumble upon. Planning ahead will inevitably lay the foundations of a successful trip.

You may be dipping your feet in a shimmering blue river, or sitting at the top of a mountain amazed at both the view and your climbing abilities when it hits you; that overwhelming sense of peace, awe and total relaxation. Even the most practically minded of us cannot deny a feeling that our spirits are somehow touched by what we see and feel in nature at such moments.

When you take a trip to see historic relics in an old city, you experience that culture in a whole new way. A new understanding of its past often gives you a greater sympathy for the present generation. A knowledge of a city¡¯s ancient culture and history creates a foundation for a far deeper experience of the culture.

Korea today is a rapidly changing, technologically minded society. It is a truly fascinating culture to experience. You will be dazzled by the neon lights, glass buildings and latest fads. However, if you are too distracted by the new, you will miss the richness and beauty of the old. Take time to visit a museum or an exhibition hall. View relics of the past, try on traditional costumes and learn wisdom from the ancestors.

In the summer, when the weather is hot and humid, the temptation is to head for the beach. Korea offers many suitable beaches for swimming, sunbathing or even snorkeling. Another option however, is to visit a cave full of mysterious   rocks and unusual stones. The caves are very cool inside and you may even come across some rare creatures. The heat in summer can be rather intense so this is a great opportunity to cool down whilst enjoying a rather unique experience. Another idea is to visit a traditional Korean folk village where you can bake ceramic ware and eat Korean food.

There are opportunities all over Korea to immerse yourself in the culture and indulge yourself with all the wonderful experiences available to you. There is so much to see, do and learn that we advise you to plan ahead and gather as much information as possible.

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