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Playing Golf in Jeju

- Where people can enjoy nature on the grass as well as in the sea

Jeju island is an appropriate place for golf courses. These courses are on a par with the quality of courses worldwide.   The surroundings are also lovely, and you have a view of the see and mountain Hanra. Indeed many international competitions have been held in Jeju Island.

Ora Country Club

Ora Country Club was constructed by Overall Development. It is 150 m above sea level. It's a mammoth golf course with 36 holes. 15 minutes by car from the airport, its located on the hill of mountain Hanra. The club covers an area of 721 Pyeong (1 Pyeong=3.954 square yard) and is equipped with a dining room and locker room. Golf equipment can be hired.
Admission fees Members: W 50,000 (weekdays), W 59,000 (weekends)
                              Non Members: W 108,000 (weekdays), W 128,000 (weekends)
Tel 064-747-5100

Sinseong Golf Club

The Sinseong Golf Club is located on the plain that covers an area of 300,000 Pyeong. It has 6 holes for the general public to use, and 18 holes for members. It was opened on June 5, 1998. It takes 5 minutes from beautiful Hamdeok beach resort. 18 holes.
Location Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
Tel 064-784-4811

Paradise Golf Club

The Golf Club covers an area of 370,000 Pyeong with 27 holes. It was constructed on the halfway of industrial road.   Good view of mountain Hanra and the Hanrim sea from the paradise Golf Club. Samseong Group and US LPGA cosponsored Samseong World Championship Golf Competition for Women here in 1995. It takes 25 minutes by car from Jeju city.
Tel 064-794-6688

Jungmun Golf Club

The picturesque Jungmun golf course covers an area of 278,451 Pyeong with 18 holes. Its located in the Jungmun tourist region in the City of Seoguipo. Located around the valley and cliff next to the sea, this fine international golf course has hotels of high class nearby and is therefore very popular with foreigners.
The length of the course is 6,820m. It is the longest in the country, and has 99 bunkers and 4 water hazards. Its possible to play golf throughout the year.   There are various facilities and equipment inside the club and wild plants make the view more magnificent. 18 holes.

Green fee W 94,000 (weekdays), W 110,000 (weekends)   
Caddy fee W 30,000 (1Bag), W 50,000 (2Bags)
Balls W 5,000 (90 Balls)
Electric cart rental W 40,000
Manual cart rental W 5,000   
Golf club rental W 25,000
Tel 064-738-1202

Jeju Dynasty Golf Club

This golf club is located in the South East, and surrounded by mountains. The mountain of Han Ra is stood behind of the golf club. There are various lotus ponds on the vast plain, which is 210 m-250 m above the sea. Golfers enjoy playing on the green grass even in the winter because there is no snow on the ground. People feel the ambiance of a foreign country such as Scotland, seeing original plants and palm trees in the natural environment of the golf course. 18 holes.
Location San 30 Sinheung-ri, Namweon-eup, Namjejy-kun, Jeju-do
Tel 064-766-6200

Pinks Golf Club

International golf planner, Ted Robinson, planned the golf course based on 21st century ideas. The club keeps green grass all year because Occidental grass was planted after laying the sand of 30cm in depth on it. There is a good view of the sea. The whole length of the course is 6090 yard. 18 holes.
Admission (Members) W 24,620 (weekdays), W 24,620 (weekends)
                     (Non Members) W 130,000 (weekdays), W 155,000 (weekends)
How to get there It takes 30 minutes from the airport of Jeju, passing on the western industrial road.
Tel 064-792-5200

Jeju Country Club

Jeju Country Club is the finest golf club in Jeju. It is 600m above sea level. Sacred fig and Eulalia trees can be seen on the field in the spring. The fresh air of mountain Hanra in summer makes it cooler because the golf course is at high altitude.
Jeju country club is a vast area of 430,000 Pyeong. People can play golf, drive around, and see roe deer as well as pheasants in pine forests along the 5.16 street, there are 7 streams. 18 holes.
Tel 064-701-0451

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