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Temples of Seoul

Many temples where you can have some quiet, peace, rest, and also sight see are located in Seoul. Visit the mystic world of Korean Buddhism where you can enjoy the beautiful view around and think piously.


The teacher of Lee Sung Gae, who established Korea, built this temple. Take subway line no.1 to Sinseol-dong subway station and get off at the Gaeunsa cross roads. It takes 5 minutes on foot.
Tel 02-726-4069


Dosonsa is the biggest total Buddhism center, which has a library, religion council room, projection room, and training center. It's located in Mt. Bukhansan National park and you can take bus no.6, or 6-1 from subway line no.4 Suyu station no.4 exit to the last stop then go 5minutes on foot.
Tel 02-993-3161


The Samcheonbuljeon of Bongwonsa is the biggest wooden building in Korea. From subway no.2 line Shinchon station no.3 exit take the no.8 town bus to Bongwonsa.
Tel 02-392-3007


There are relics of Buddha sealed in a 7 layer stone tower, and 500 year old Baeksong(white pine tree) which is a one thousand years remembrance. Exit 3 of line 1 Jonggak Station.
Tel 02-732-2115


A female monk temple. From subway no.3 Gupabal station exit no.3 take the town bus to Jin-gwansa.
Tel 02-359-8410


From subway no.4 Suyu station exit no.3 take bus 84 to the last stop then change to the local town bus.
Tel 02-903-3361

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