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Mineral springs

Go on a trip to search mineral water when you are tired of the pollution in the city. Most mineral water flows from rocks in deep mountains, it is carbonated water containing dissolved minerals such as iron, manganese and fluorine - all are good for one¡¯s health.

Buyeon mineral water

Digestion trouble or the aftereffects of drinking too much can be alleviated by natural mineral water. Buyeon water flows continuously from the rocks.   However, the color of water is changed into red within about 40 hours due to the dissolved minerals contained such as strong iron and carbonic acid.

Songcheon mineral water was called Kujifi mineral water. Songcheon water contains less iron and carbonic acid. It tastes fresh and soft. Many people come to the valley in summer and visit the Songcheon mineral springs. The springs function as an Oasis to people passing as they climb the mountain. Legend has it that the springs were discovered when someone who was very thirsty drank water flowing from the rocks in the 1950¡¯s.

If you go down about 6km from the top of ridge, there is a guard post, and you will find an indicator of the entrance to the Soncheon mineral water source. You will reach Songcheon if you climb up 100 m of the valley.

It is not far from the Buyeon mineral springs, therefore it would be possible to visit the 2 mineral springs on the same day.

Mineral water of various colors

Water of various colors flows from the rocks in the middle of the valley of Seolak. This water is a good remedy for nervous problems, depression, and anemia. The carbonated water is high in iron, which makes it an acquired taste.   If you boil rice with this water the rice becomes green.   It takes 40 or 50 minutes to reach Osaekgol located in Namweolak from ¡®Naeseolak¡¯ after passing ¡®Hangaeryeong¡¯.

Bang-adari mineral water is a good remedy for nervous problems, skin disease, and gastro enteric disorder if it is drunk regularly for a long time. Nearby there is also another mineral spring bath in which the water is a good remedy for eye disease. Many come here to cure eye diseases. There is a dense forest around the Bang-adari mineral spring, which makes it an enjoyable day out.

How to get there Go out from the Sangjinbu ground intersection on the Yeongdong express highway, and go about 1.9km in the direction of Kanreung and Yeongok, on the national road (no 6). After that turn left on the crossing with three corners, and continue for about 12km.

Sambong mineral water

The ¡®Sambong¡¯ mountain is 1000m above sea level. There are three summits of the mountain¡¯. The mineral water produced contains carbonic acid, and has been heralded as a good remedy for neuralgia, hypertension, anemia and diabetes. This region is therefore popular. There are 19 guest rooms in The Sambong Mountain Villa. The traffic makes the journey a hard one, which makes it inconvenient as a tourist resort.

Take the national road (no31) at the ground intersection of Soksa on Yeongdong express highway, after passing through Wundryeong, turn left, and drive about 19.8km, you will arrive in Sambong mineral spring.   Walk about 4km along the valley from the entrance to the Sambong mineral spring. The path is beautiful.

Bangdong mineral water

Bangdong mineral water contains carbonate acid and tastes of cider when drunk with sugar.   The area has a mysterious ambiance to it. It¡¯s as if the sweet water flows from a temple located on the mountain.   Rocks and old trees that have stood for 100 years surround the water spring.   This mineral carbonated water is high in iron, manganese and fluorine. Again it is good for digestion.

How to get there You will arrive at Hyeonri Eup, drive about 40 minutes from Injae, on the national road (no31), turn left at Hadapkyo, and drive 8km from Hadapkyo to arrive at Bangdong mineral spring.

Galcheon mineral water

Galcheon mineral water is high in iron and fluorine rather than carbonate acid.   It has been suggested that the water is good for anemia, indigestion and the prevention of tooth decay.   Galcheon mineral water flows little by little down the huge rock. Legend has it that when unjust people visit Galcheon there is lightning and thunder.

How to get there   Go about 6.7km from Yangyang, turn left at the crossing with three corners called ¡®Nonwhari¡¯ in the direction of national road (no56). After that drive about 22.9km until you see the notice indicating the entrance to the mineral spring. Walk about 250m to reach the mineral water store. To find Galcheon walk on the mountain path for about 30 minutes from the store.

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