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Samcheok International Cave Expo in Korea
Caves have been the place for birth, shelter, religion, myth, culture, and history since the beginning of humans., there...

Nodong Donggul (Cave)

No Dong cave is the first vertical cave of the Orient. Located between the province of Kyung Sang and that of Chungcheong, it connects the mountain of So Baek and the Nam Han river.   Legend has it that it was created 5 million years ago.

The length of the cave is 600m, with an inclination of 40-50 degrees. Gravel, sand and bear bones were found 200m under ground in an excavation. This proves No Dong¡¯s existence during the glacial age. Rare animals and plants also grow in the cave, and it has now been designated as precious natural product no 262.

Visitors can enter the first 1.4km of cave. No Dong is divided into 2 directions   about 30m from the entrance. It takes about 40 minutes to see the cave. The temperature of the inside of the cave is 15 degree Centigrade.

An icicle forms on the upper layer of the cave. There are many stalagmites with rare forms living there.   One stalagmite called E Mil Re Jong is actually similar in appearance to a pumpkin!
There are also stalagmites called ¡®Yong Du Am¡¯ which have the form of dragons.   In the middle of the cave there are fossilized bear bones and earthenware proving that ancient people lived there.

The lower layers of the cave house an immense magnificent stalagmite called Whanggeum Bawi (Golden rock). This is the biggest stalagmite in the Orient, and has a sublime shape. It is comparable to the stalagmite of the Arman cave in France, which is the biggest in the world.   The cave has a cascade formed due to the rain called ¡®Ji Ha Baek Ok Pop Po¡¯ (underground white jade cascade). The cave opens from 9 A. M. to 5.00 P.M.

How to get there
(Public Transport) Bus runs 6 times a day from around the station of Dan Yang to the cave of No Dong. It takes 20 minutes.
(By Car) Enter the city after passing Seo Je Cheon IC. Then drive down street no 5 in the direction of Dan Yang. After around 26 km you will pass the Ko Su bridge and the cave of Ko Su, after this you will arrive at the cave of No Dong. Drive on the provincial road 595 and park near the crossing with three corners in the village of Gi Kyo Chon.
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