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Close, Yet Far - Mt. Geumgang

The name Mt. Geumgang, which is located in North Korea, means shiny and strong. It's imposing natural features offer many spectacular views for each season.

Mt. Geumgang is famous for grand rocks and lovely valleys.    Haegeumgang, which means ˇ°Sea Geumgang,ˇ± is also well known for its beauty.      All the elements of Mt. Geumgang harmonize perfectly with it's much spoken of 12,000 peaks to create spectacles that are seen nowhere else in the world.    There are also many ancient temples and structures that make Mt. Geumgang even more picturesque.    The incomparable beauty of Mt. Geumgang is expressed well by the Japanese when they say "Do not discuss any other mountains under the sky before you see Mt. Geumgang."

The tour to Mt. Geumgang began as a part of Hyundai's unity project.    The tour includes cruising to and from Mt. Geumgang on a super luxury excursion ship.    The three ships which operate the Geumgang tours are the Geumgangho, Bongraeho and Pung-akho.    These are well known as 'Love Boat' style luxury tourist ships.    These ships have everything specifically designed for tourists.    For example, they have a buffet, bar, lounge, gym, theater, shopping mall, club, and many other facilities.    There are also many programs like music and magic performances.    Tourists are often invited to participate in the performances, too.   

The schedule of the tour is for four days.    On the second and third days the tourists climb Mt. Geumgang.    There are four hiking courses available from which you can choose two. These include the Manmulsang, Guryong Waterfall, Haegeumgang and Dongseok-dong courses. Depending on which course tourists take, they can see various natural formations, such as grand rock cliffs, cascading waterfalls, towering mountain peaks, and serene valleys.      

After climbing Mt. Geumgang you can relax and eat at Onjeong-gak rest area. A beautiful wooden facility has been constructed on the flat land at the rest area.    After resting, there are performances by the Moranbong circus team and Mt. Geumgang performance team.    The Moranbong circus team is known as the best circus team in the world. You can enjoy splendid circus performances, as well as dancing and singing. Finally, you can experience a delightfully relaxing hot spring bath at the Mt. Geumgang hot spring facility. The hot spring is 100% germanium!

The Geumgang Mountains are a bridge that connect South and North Korea. In addition, they are some of the world's most beautiful mountains that may be remembered by visitors as a symbol of freedom. North Korea is close, and yet far. What a good idea to make a life long memory through a short but meaningful trip to North Korea.         

Mt. Geumgang tour schedule

Day One
09:00 Arrive at Donghae harbor terminal, boarding
11:00 Departure from Donghae harbor
17:30 Arrive at Jangjeon harbor

Day Two
08:00 Arrive Mt. Geumgang passenger inspection office for processing
09:00 Tour courses(choose two out of four)

Day Three
12:00 Departure from Jangjeon harbor
18:00 Arrive at Donghae harbor

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