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Enjoy Skiing in Korea's Spectacular Mountains

With the four seasons clearly distinguishable from one another, you can enjoy a variety of seasonal sports in Korea.   Since skiing is by far the most popular winter sport, many ski resorts open up in early December every year, after being refurbished, and wait for ski lovers. Most skiing places in Korea are resort complexes, so in addition to skiing, you can browse around the entertainment facilities and get a taste of some local food.

Yongpyeong Ski Resort

Opened as Korea's first ski resort in 1975, Yong Pyeong Ski Resort is nestled at the foot of the Daekwan mountain pass, which rises 750m above sea level and boasts an annual average of 1m of snow during the winter.   With various festivals and shows taking place during the skiing season, Yonpyeong resort is a popular spot for shooting TV programs and films.

It is especially popular among the young generation. The ice carving contest, held every January, is one of many events that make this resort a unique place.   This year Yongpyeong resort will celebrate its 25th anniversary by providing exciting events for ski lovers, such as fashion shows, an opening celebration and concert (Dec. 16), a dancing contest, a Christmas event (Dec. 24), and a year-end party (Dec. 31).   

Other sports and leisure facilities, such as a fitness center, a shopping mall, and the Dragon Plaza attract a great number of people all year round.   The price of a lift ticket (valid for 1 day) is 35,000 Korean Won for adults and 25,000 won for children.

For a half-day ticket prices are 27,000 won for adults and 19,000 won for children.
Night Skiing is also available at 22,000 won for adults and 15,000 won for children.
Season tickets are 460,000 won, a discounted price.   As for those who cannot ski, there is a sled and toboggan slope.   It is most economical to purchase a half-day ticket for this area, which is 8,000 won for adults and 6,000 won for kids. If you want a ride on the sledding course just once, it costs 5,000 won for adults and 4,000 won for kids.

Tel (Yongpyeong)033-335-5757, (Seoul)02-2270-6622
How to get there
1. From the Gangnam Express Bus Terminal (Express bus terminal stop on Subway line #3) take a bus for Gangneung, which runs 14 times a day from 6am to 7pm.   The trip takes about 3 hours and 50 minutes.   
2. At Gangneung Bus station, change to a bus for Yongpyeong that comes every 10 min.   
If you'd rather fly to Gangneung, you can take a free Yongpyeong shuttle from the Gangneung airport.   The time required is 50 minutes from the airport to the resort.

Jisan Forest Resort

Located in Gyeonggi Province, Jisan resort is just 40-minutes from Seoul.   It is popular among young people in particular, who enjoy night skiing.   The focus at this resort is on a layout that leaves the dense pine tree forests intact to harmonize with the surrounding scenery. Famous sites such as Everland, Icheon Hot Springs, and Icheon Ceramic Village are only about 15 minutes away from here.

The construction of Jisan resort was completed just this year.   Equipped with the 68-room Maple Condominium and other resort facilities, Jisan resort boasts state-of-the-art skiing facilities, express 6-passenger lifts, and international-scale half pipes for snowboarders.

A one day lift ticket is 36,000 won for adults and 22,000 won for kids.   Half-day tickets are priced at 26,000 won and 16,000 won for adults and children respectively.   Night skiing tickets are 27,000 won (17,000 for kids).   Season tickets are currently on sale for 350,000 won.

Tel 031-638-8460~6

Alps Resort

Renowned for its heavy snowfalls with longer duration than any other ski resort in Korea, Alps resort is popular among young people for its beautiful European-style buildings and surroundings.   Other facilities, such as a snow sledding hill, indoor slope, indoor swimming pool, bowling alley, and grass sledding hill, are available as well.   

You can also learn about the history of skiing in Korea at the Ski museum, the only museum of its kind in Korea.   The nearby tourist spots are Oh-Saek mineral spring in Sorak mountain, Choksan hot spring, and Baek-dam temple.   The only shortcoming is that it is quite far from Seoul.   One-day tickets are 35,000 won and 23,500 won for adults and kids respectively.   Half-day tickets are 25,500 and 17,500 won.   Night skiing tickets cost 25,500 and 14,500 won.

Tel 033-681-5030
How to get there Take a bus for Gahn-Seong, running 5 times a day from the Dong Seoul Terminal (at Gangbyeon station, subway line #2).   If you're traveling by plane, fly to Sokcho from Gimpo airport ( 3 flights/day)   From the Sokcho airport, take a nonstop bus for the Alps resort.

Suanbo Sajo Village

Sajo Maeul Ski Resort is located in the Hwang Mountain valley in Chungcheongbuk-do, the central part of Korea.   It is easy to get to from anywhere in Korea, and it is located near many tourist spots, such as Danyangpalgyeong, Chungjuho(lake), Tangeumdae, Mungyeongsaejae, and Mt. Wolaksan.   Suanbo is also famous for Hot Springs.

The ski resort is well equipped with 7 main slopes, 3 supplementary slopes that link main slopes, 4 lifts, lodges, a snow sledding hill, and bunjee jumping facilities.
One-day tickets are 35,000 won and 25,000 won for adults and kids respectively.   
Half-day and night ski tickets are priced at 25,000.

Tel 043-3446-6021 (reservation)
How to get there From Gangnam Express Bus Terminal (subway line #3) Take a bus for Chungju.   In Chungju you can catch a suttle to Suanbo.

Yangji Pine Resort

Located on Mokjo mountain in Gyongki province, just 40 minutes from Seoul, Yangji Pine Resort is a fascinating all-season resort complex surrounded by thick forests and other natural wonders.   Equipped with a 27-hole golf course, snow sledding hill, a condominium, and various other entertainment facilities, Pine Resort provides skiers, from beginners to experts, the joy of winter snow sports.   There are 7 slopes with grades from 5 ~ 35.

Tel 031-338-2001
How to get there Take a bus for Yangji from the Nambu Bus Terminal (subway line #3) Buses run every 20 minutes.

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