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A 650m parasite volcano
The Jeol-mu nature rest woods are a parasite volcano, where is 650m above sea level. Jeol-mu is located near Jeju city...
Mt. Bi-seu-san nature rest area
Bi-seul-san harmonizes perfectly with the surrounding peaks, Jowhabong (1,058m), Dae-geonbong (1,084m), and Kwangibong (...
Seogwipo Natural Rest Woods
The Seogwipo Natural Rest Woods(2.524 millions§³) is located in Jeju, where is beautiful island in the world. The rest...

Korean Traditional Garden, Garden Tree   

The Garden Tree morning calm garden with superb views of Mt. Chungryeong is not to be missed. It is not that easy to find off dirt roads, but upon arrival, people are blown away by the peace and calm they feel when catching a glimpse of the natural beauty of Korea.

When you enter the garden, you will come upon Hang-guk Garden including Jangdoc (Korean traditional terrace where soy sauce crocks are placed), with its beautiful flowers and trees. There are also traditional Korean farmhouses and the peace and quiet will astound even the most hardened visitor.   People always fail to miss the stones which have been piled up over 350 years by passersby who show their respect to the Korean hornbeam.

Ha Kyung garden offers perennial herbs in neat rows which show the vast of types of flowers in each season.   May and June are the best seasons to visit as the irises bloom in up to 300 kinds during the Spring.   Additionally, the Conifer Garden holds numerous trees such as Korean firs and yews and the greenery always brings people back wanting more.   

High Season(April¡­November)weekends 5,000won, Other date 4,000won
Open 9:00 - 21½Ã:00 (Every Friday Winter 18:00)
How to get there
(Train) Cheong-rang-ri Station to Cheongpeong station   (3,000won) and take a bus (600won)Im-cho-li
(Bus) Sangbong bus terminal- take a bus(Hyunli)(3400won)and take a bus (600won)Im-cho-li   
(Seat Bus) from Cheong-rang-ri 1330 seat bus(1300won)to Cheongpeong and take a bus (600won)Im-cho-li

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