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Caribbean Bay
Caribbean Bay is located at Everland in Youngin. It is divided inside and outside pool including theme park....
Sheraton Walker Hill, River Park

Swimming Pools at Han-gang Citizen's Park

From June 26th to August 31st every year, Han-gang Citizen's Park opens 3 swimming pools, adding even more excitement to the watersports community at the Han-gang river. Not only are the tickets cheap, but there are also sports facilities, cruises, floating restaurants and other attractions - all located within a walking distance. The three swimming pools are based at Ttukseom, Ichon and Jamshil.

Opening hours 9:30~18:00   
Admission fee 2,500won
Information   Ichon swimming pool 02-790-2809, Ttukseom swimming pool 02-454-2094, Jamshil swimming pool 02-421-2574

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