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Cultural Assets Designated as Highly Valuable both Historically and Artistically

Important intangible cultural assets are chosen by the ruling government.   Intangible cultural assets are cultural products from fields like music, dance, performance and art.   When they are considered to have high historical, scientific, and artistic value and to present traditional culture, they become known as Cultural Assets.   These art facts in turn become the pride of the nation, representative of our traditions of art, culture and science.

The First Important Intangible Cultural Asset, Jongmyo, Jeryeak

Music played in the ancestral shrine of the royal family during the Joseon period.
Designated day: Dec. 7th, 1964
People who possess this asset: Sung Gyeong Lin, Kim Sung Jin, Kim Tae Seop, Kim Jong Hee, Lee Gang Deok, Kim Cheon Heung, Bong Hae Ryong, Lee Seok Jae

Pansori, the fifth important intangible cultural asset

Singing and dance performed by a solitary man.
Designated day Dec. 24th, 1964
ple who possess this asset Kim Sun Ok, Jung Yong Hun, Park Bong Sul, Park Dong Jin, Han Gap Ju   

Sanjo and Byungchang, the 23rd important intangible cultural asset

Sanjo is the rhythm created to accompany the play The Gayakum.   Byungchang is a song sung during the play.
Designated day Dec. 21th, 1968
People who possess this asset Oh Gye Hwa, Kim Nan Cho, Sung Geum Deok

Gagok,   the 30th important intangible cultural asset

Gagok is the singing of traditional Korean poems alongside an orchestra accompaniment.   The many songs of Gagok are divided by their styles.
Designated day Nov.. 10th, 1969
People who possess this asset Kim Deok Sun, Jeon Hyo Sun, Hong Won Gi

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