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"Do not talk about Seoul without climbing Mt. Namsan."-Heo Kyeong Min, Mt. Namsan Mountain expert.
'How can I introduce Mt. Namsan to more people?' His mind is always full with the thought of Mt. Namsan even when he is...

The World of Maniacs

There are many kinds of maniacs around us.   For example, computer game maniacs are very common today.   Maniacs in sports such as marathon and ski maniacs are becoming popular, too.   There is a tendency that maniacs in unusual fields are increasing.   For example, maniacs who only use expensive brands are increasing these days.

Maniac activity is also helpful for the economy.   Especially, items targeting small maniac groups are considered to have very steady market.   For example, the first pay internet movie site, Maguri, began its charged service in July last year.   It provided various contents to movie maniacs, and could bring more than 500,000 people to its members.   

It sometimes cost some money to become a maniac.   However, most maniacs say that it doesn¡¯t cost that much.   Instead, it takes to study hard on a specific field to become a true maniac.   By doing so, you can become a maniac without spending that much money.

Maniacs also work hard to get what they are crazy about.   Some work really hard over vacation to buy high quality stereo, or some goes to cooking academy after work despite of tiredness.

The fields in which maniacs are formed become various as cultural territory that normal people can experience expands.   Rabbit maniacs who donate money for deserted rabbits, sample maniacs who live on samples and school uniform maniacs who share information about how to wear school uniform prettier!   Some people collect black and white pictures of males, and some collect birth control tools with various shapes.   

Maniacs came to exist in 1990 when requirement for cultural consume got higher.   And also, individual inclination caused people to pay more attention to themselves and to pay money and passion to their interests.

Expansion of internet also played an important role.   It made sharing information with others in cyber world possible.   Maniacs tightened their bond of common interest by sharing information and opinion in cyber world.

People¡¯s interest and requirement are changing today.   They don¡¯t just seek for high paying joy that requires hard work.   Instead, they look for what they really like and share their interest with people who have the same interest.

In new millennium when individuality and specialty considered more important than ever, the groups of maniacs will become more various and specific.

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