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The Folding Fan

The folding fan is a traditional fan which has been used by Koreans for many years, particularly during the summer months. Many Korean women used the folding fan to help their children sleep by deterring flies and mosquitoes before electric fans and air-conditioning were invented, and there are still a number of places in Korea where people still practice this traditional method.

In ancient times, when houses were not equipped with air-conditioning, Korean people   overcame the heat in the Summer by using their wisdom. Bamboo fans were very popular, although the process of making this type of fan is very complex, and requires meticulous work.

There are 30 processes need to be completed in order to make this type of fan. Mr. Ki Dong Lee has been making bamboo fans for over fifty years, and he believes that it takes seven people to make a fan. As they are so time-consuming and difficult to make, bamboo fans are very rare.

The Process:
A craftsman needs to choose bamboo that has been growing for more than 1 year. After cutting the bamboo to the dimension of the fan, he must boil it, and then dry it in the sun for 15 days. The bamboo then needs to be soaked in water for a week, and then boiled again in water that is over 300 degrees Centigrade, until it becomes tender. After that, the bamboo neds to be peeled and cut. Finally, a picture is painted on the paper.

The Fold Fan
Made in Jeon Ju, a province of Jeollabuk-do, the fold fan has been produced for over 820 years and is very famous. . It was a rare object in ancient times, when the king used to offer it to foreign visitors in the Dan-o festival which was held in May.

Mr. Ki Dong Lee, a craftsman of the Korean traditional fan
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