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 Home >> Art & Craft >> Culture of grass and straw

Handicrafts - Straw

Articles made from straw or weed were a big part of everyday life for Ancient Korean people. Goods such as straw rice bags, baskets and rope have been made since Korean people first began farming - for example, Ancient Korean farmers used straw containers to dry their cereals. However, items such as cushions and rush mats required a more skillful technique.

People once believed that straw had mysterious powers. When a woman gave birth, they would hang a straw rope on top of the door, and when a woman in the Korean royal family gave a birth, a straw rope with red braid was used.

Straw products were made in Jeokseong 2-ri, Dongromyeon, Mungyeong, the province of Gyeongbuk, Ssangyong-ri, Seomyeon, Yeongwol-gun, and the province of Gangwon. People interested in straw can see pieces of art and ancient Korean articles in the Cheong Dam Dong museum in Seoul, and farming tools are on display at an exhibition in the village of Na San Myeon, a province of Jeon Nam,
An exhibition of straw handicraft takes place in the province of Kyung Ki, Paju once every year.

An idea of prices
Pots made from straw - W10,000.
Cushions made from straw - W20,000
Goods made from straw and weeds are also available.
Telephone number for a house in front of the Ssangyong-ri station 033-372-5556
How to get there Take the Yeong Dong highway, and change to the Jung Ang highway at the junction of Man Jong.   At the interchange of Seo Je Cheon, take national highway no.38.

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