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Lightening The Load - Traditional Farming Tools

Traditional farming tools helped farmers to cultivate the soil. They helped farmers to do farm work.

[New technology introduced in Korean Farm]

Modern Farming tools

As agriculture became modernized a variety of Korean farming tools, used for lightening the work load, were developed. Farming tools used for cultivating the soil before the farmers sowed rice plants in fields.

Farming tools used for preparing levee of rice paddy
Before planting rice, farmers built ridges between rice fields using wet soil.   This enabled rice plants to grow well.   

Rotari is a farming tool used for ranging after plowing the soil so that farmers can plant seeds.

Jaeng Ki is a machine used for overturning stiff soil in the field so that plants grow well.   Originally Jaenggi was dragged along by horses or cows.

In modern times, Jaenggi has been replaced by machines like the tractor. Machines used for seeding rice plants. Machines are used for seeding rice plants in seeding boxes. Farmers firstly sow rice seeds in the seeding box, and later they move the plants to the field. There are two kinds of machines used for seeding rice plants: automatic and manual. It is appropriate to use hand machines in small spaces. It is also more affordable to the small farmer.

Most large farms use automatic machines.   The machine is used for putting the soil in the seeding box and spraying the seeds with water.

Rice planting machine
The rice planting machine is used for shifting rice plants from the seeding box to the field modern equipment is motorised for speed and ease.

Agricultural Chemicals Vaporizer;
This machine is used for spraying water or chemicals onto the rice crops to protect them from diseases, harmful insects, and weeds. There are two kinds of sprayer; power-driven and manual, the machine can be carried on the shoulder.   

Combine Harvester
The Automatic Threshing Combine provides an efficient way to harvest grains such as rice and barley. It removes dust as well as straw attached to grains.   It also cuts and gathers the straw.   
The Automatic Threshing Combine was initially developed to harvest grains such as wheat and barley in America, but later models have been developed specifically to harvest rice.

The Automatic Threshing Combine reached Korea in 1977.   Today, more than 95% of farmers use the machine.

Ordinary Combine
The Ordinary Combine is used for harvesting barley, wheat, rice, bean and millet.

Threshing machine
A tool that threshes grains from the stems of rice, barley, wheat, and beans, the use of the Threshing Machine has declined recently, only now used in the Southern region, and    Mountain villages.

Tractors are used to turn the soil over, break it up, transport things, spray agricultural chemicals, scatter fertilizer, and cut weeds. Agricultural tractors are available for rice field use, fruit farm use, and horticulture use. In general, tractors for rice field use are utilized in most of farms in Korea.

A loader transports things transportation vehicles, by means of bucket or fork. The machine is mostly used for disposing fertilizer, mixing fertilized soil with soil, or shoveling away the snow.

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