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Crafts made by Bamboo

The bamboo is one of the 4 Gracious plants; Japanese apricot tree, orchid, chrysanthemum, bamboo. The bamboo is a symbol of fidelity. Ancient Koreans made many goods such as lantern stands, lamp stands, baskets, bows, pipes, and folding fans using bamboo. These goods were used for daily life.

The bamboo is indigenous to the soil of Dam Yang in province of Jeon Nam. Dam Yang is well known for bamboo, the climate and conditions are perfect for the cultivation of the plant, and the area hosts the largest bamboo field in Korea.

Bamboo goods have been made for 500 years in Dam Yang Because people living in Dam Yang use good quality bamboo, they are famed for producing the best quality in terms of strength and elasticity. There are 70 kinds of bamboo products produced in this region.

Artisans should make the products with all one¡¯s heart. And the bamboo ware is not made by just cutting the bamboo. Recently, the demand of the products made of bamboo is strongly reduced, but this region is still famous for the chief producing district of the bamboo ware.

The ¡®Bamboo Ware Promotion Complex¡¯ promotes the bamboo products of Dam Yang. A museum of bamboo ware was also built in Dam Yang to offer foreign tourists an insight into the manipulation of the plant. The museum of bamboo preserves, exhibits, and sells bamboo ware.   The museum consists of 3 exhibition rooms, and exhibits a total of about 1700 items made both in Korea and abroad over the last 500 years. The are many inexpensive souvenirs to be found

Museum opening hours 09:00¡­18:00 (open all year)
How to get there Take a highway bus to Dam Yang from Seoul. Busses start at 7:35 A.M.At Dam Yang public bus station, take a bus no 322, or 311. The bus stops at the entrance of the museum.
Tel 061-381-4111

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