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 Home >> Art & Craft >> Suseok (The collection of stones / Suiseki)

Suseok(Beautiful and Natural Stone)

The History of 'Suseok'

By examining the history of 'Su Seok', it appears that Korean people have placed a very high value upon the natural stone since ancient times, when they used to collect natural stones. Strangely formed natural stones were actually discovered in the sanctuary of Mr. Ik Jeom Moon, in the period of Koryeo.   

An ancient book written in the Joseon period reveals that a gentleman named Mr. Hi Ann Kang was a natural stone collector, and that famous people such as Mr. Yak Yong Jeong, a scholar, as well as the royal family and ¡®Lord Dae Won¡¯ admired natural stone.

The stone was described as follows:
'An oddly shaped stone has the merit of being loved by people because the stone is solid and straight.¡¯

Recently, general interest in natural stone has grown, and several organizations dedicated to natural stone were founded in Pusan and Seoul. Today, there are many magazines and books related to the subject, and now nearly everyone owns a piece of stone.

Natural stones can be placed into several categories

Stones having the shape of a cascade (very rare), stones shaped as lakes, mountains and islands, stones created due to rock movement (usually found in caverns or cliffs) and stones shaped as animals. Stone collecting is now a popular hobby, and people of all ages are interested in them.

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