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Incheon Int'l Airport

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Incheon International Airport

Incheon international airport connects the island of Yeongjong-do with Yongyudo. The airport is located 52km from Seoul. It covers a surface area of 13,770 Acre, and is 60 times bigger than Jamshil football field! It is in operation 24 hours a day and boasts ultra modern facilities.

6,200 houses were constructed in the Yeongjong-do area to accommodate airport staff. Educational facilities and a park are also being developed. The mascot symbolizing the Incheon airport is ¡®Huby.¡¯

The airport has had a lot of investment. Good accommodation is available nearby, as are convenient business facilities.

In the passenger terminal 270 check-in counters, 120 passport inspection counters, and 28 security inspection counters speed up check in times. The maximum number of departing passengers that can be processed is 6400 per hour.

Incheon international airport is well located geographically. It is within 2-3 hours flight of over 50 cities where the population exceeds 1 million. Passengers can fly directly to New York, and Miami.

Transportation from Incheon is also good. Airport limousines run from all main hotels in downtown Seoul. It takes 90-110 minutes from downtown Seoul to Incheon. Passengers should arrive 3 hours before departure.

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