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Gimpo Airport

Gimpo Airport was used internationally from 1958 until March 2001.   Today only domestic flights use Gimpo, as Incheon has become the new International airport.

The Public Airport Corporation has begun to enlarge the size of the airport to 43620 square meters. Work began in April 2001 and is due to finish 6 months from then.

In the waiting room on the first floor you will find convenience stores, PC rooms, game rooms, banks, and coffee shops. The second floor has a business cafe and more stores. The third floor is the departure floor, and this has fast food stores, pharmacies, banks, cocktail bars and a convenience store. Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Western style restaurants can be found on the 4th floor.

Another building is due to house a discount shopping mall, tourist shops, and a banqueting hall.

Transportation to Kimpo is easy. Take subway line 5 to Kimpo Airport (Gimpo Gonghang). The station has an automatic walkway, escalator and elevator to help pedestrians to move easily toward other buildings. If you want to take a bus, you can take a limousine or seats bus.   

Obtain more detailed information from the Korean Downtown Airport Terminal (Tel. 666-7383, 551-0753), Sejin sightseeing, (032-762-8000), KAL Limousine (Tel. 2667-0383/4, 2667-0386) and Gonghang Limousin (Tel. 664-9898).

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