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Tea ceremony    
Exploring Korean Culture

The etiquette is weighty and important in eastern nation culture, especially for Korean. Acting prudent   and cautious is the mode of their everyday lives. It is always helpful to understand if the manners, customs and civilization are explored.

One of the important tradition in Korean culture is adult ceremony, symbol of maturity. Second, the marriage which is the largest ceremony, therefore it has to be arranged very carefully and holy. Funeral ceremony is another traditional rite by revering the memory of the ancestor and worship their lost soul. In short, it may sound as complexity and intricacy. However, once these traditional ceremonies are understood, it will rather be charming.

Cooking lessons on korean traditional foods, such as, Kimchi and natural fragrant tea are another method for joyful discovery. Various korean sports (like Taekwondo, Subyoekchigi, Taegyoen, Kendo, arching and han pool) are mainly to regulate your body and spirit. You can learn how to overcome obstruction and control your mind and soul through these Korean traditional sports.

Visiting Korea will make you discover Korean national colour and hospitality once again and their inherence will accompany your traveling.

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