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Taekwondo is the name of a martial art turned modern international sport which has been independently developed over abo...

Taekwondo (the Korean art of empty handed self-defense)

If someone has no knowledge on Taekwondo, it can be understood only as one of the match item. However, Taekwondo has its own history and philosophy and it passed on from old generation. Taekwondo is one of the main traditional sport. Understanding its value and characteristic will help to learn Taekwondo.

Cultural mentality in Taekwondo

Taekwondo has long history and includes   philosophy of Korean population. Patriotic spirit and respecting human nature, pursuit for the completion of good heart which is the spirit of an elite youth corps of Shilla are major requirements. Taekwondo deals with controlling one self and overcoming the obstacles for better situation. It also teaches to clarify the inside and having confidence of one self. Taekwondo philosophy and spirit are respected by Taekwondo enthusiast across the world.

People who practice Taekwondo, they can easily learn about Korean culture. It is hard to understand Taekwondo without understanding Korea. The reason why Taekwondo is popular in other country is that Taekwondo is useful especially for children and teenagers. Since they can learn manner and respect each other through Taekwondo. Many people get easily interested on Korea through the learning process of Taekwondo.

The oriental Taekwondo becomes a mystery to western countries. Westerners are looking for spirit of oriental culture and willing to learn it through Taekwondo. When you learn Taekwondo, you must have a mind of steel and no fear on laborious work. As a matter of fact, if you study Taekwondo systematically, you can even run all day long in fierce cold winter. You can revive one's exhausted energy and feel a true remark about Taekwondo. Overcoming oneself and training oneself into toughness are the spirit of Taekwondo and these philosophy leads to perfect performance of Taekwondo.

Traditional value of Taekwondo

Respecting elders, thinking right with manner and worshiping ancestors were taught to all korean population for long time. That's why Korea is the country of courteous people in the East. This is called confucianism which is our nation's root. The traditional confucianism was obeyed as it is, in the learning process of Taekwondo.

In one famous elementary school, the students are learning materials based on features and courtesy of Taekwondo. For example, in the beginning of the Taekwondo practice lesson, students bow to the master and doing an oath toward the Taegeuk flag, the national flag of Korea. Taekwondo manner and etiquette help to behave properly in real life.

A Taekwondo master emphasis about the propriety first. Children tend to study much more harder through this philosophy and respecting elders and each other leads to have good human relationship in social life. Teakwondo is also helpful to eliminate selfishness and egoistical behavior.

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