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  A Place for Experiencing Traditional Propriety
There is a place to learn and experience Korean etiquette. You can discover Korean manner and etiquette through traditio...

Korean Tradition Propriety

Propriety includes courtesy and manner in Korean culture. Respect and venerate mutually are the main idea of propriety.

Manner is an important source. Order and process how people behave and speak to each other, using a proper form of expression to each individual are also essential.

One of the important ceremony in Korean culture is 'Gwanhonsangje' ,the ceremony of doing up the hair. Men tie up the hair into a topknot and women decorate with a hairdressing stick as a proof of their adulthood.

The marriage which is the largest ceremony, therefore it has to be arranged very carefully and holy. Funeral ceremony is another traditional rite by revering the memory of the ancestor and worship their lost soul. In short, it may sound as complexity and intricacy. However, once these traditional ceremonies are understood, it will rather be charming.

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