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The Best Spiritual Culture Sport, Archery
The arrow was used since Goryeo time according to classical literature. That gradually enlarged into archery in present ...

Tradition Fighting Art

Korean fighting art declined when Shilla started to depend on diplomatic politic after they abandoned the north peninsula. Fighting art was loved by all the korean population, however it was annihilated when Japanese took over the power. And after emancipation, fighting art became famous again.

More than 100 fighting art organizations are established at the present time. However, not all of these institutions profess to be traditional. The original fighting art can be analyzed in two methods, which are literacy and demonstration. Every demonstration movement is efficiently compared its own rhythm and style.

TaekKyeon, Taekwondo, Sipalgi, Hanpul and Subyeockchigi represent Korean tradition fighting art. Gonggweoyndo (bare hand), Gigong, Muhapdo, Guksul etc...there are so many other fighting arts.

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