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Traditional Cooking Lessons
Korean tradition cuisine is not difficult as it seems. It requires various seasoning and creates many different flavors....

Korean Traditional Cuisine

Three sides of Korea is surrounded by the sea and more than half of the land is mountain. These geographic factor produced various foods. Rice crop is one of the main agriculture and Korean consume rice everyday. Many different kinds of vegetables are growing spontaneously on the mountain and this creates great combination with meat and fish.

Korean traditional foods requires devotion, endeavor and time compared to any other country. Because main dish and side dish are always separated and there are numerous side dishes in every meal.   Korean use all different kinds of dressings for flavoring. The ingenuity is the secret recipe for unique taste.

There are some specific foods for holidays, for instance, Tteokguk in New year and Songpyeon in Thanks giving day. Kimchi and other fermented foods are also famous traditional foods.

Fresh ingredients and special combination of recipe make Korean foods more colorful and uncommon.

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