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Look at the Outskirt in Korea!

Seoul is truly a cosmopolitan city, and the capital city of Korea. But if you only visit Seoul, you cannot say that you truly know Korea. There are several suburban areas that are wonderful places to relax and see the sites.

Korea is divided into one main capital area, 6 satellites and 8 districts. Each city has its own characteristic culture and environment.

Each city¡¯s festival offers a special experience to visitors.
The 2001 ¡°Visit Korea¡± promotion project prepared 10 particular events that are known around the world as being top class events for visitors.

Local food and specialties are offered and visitors can truly get a chance to learn local customs and preferences.   

Busan, the second largest city in Korea, has a temperate sea climate, with everything from mountains, rivers, the sea, and hot springs. It is a nature marine-based culture city with events offered throughout the year.

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