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Jejudo Beach
The Jeju coast is simple, but it is mainly composed of basalt so its beaches are beautiful and visitors really find it a...

Largest Island in Korea, the Hawaii in East Asia.

Jejudo is located off the southwest tip of Korea and has about 530,000 residents. Jeju is 141.6 km from Mokpo, 286.5 km from Busan, 255.1 km from Tsushima and 850 km from Seoul. There are 8 manned islands and 55 desert islands.

Jeju Island is a strategic place between Russia, China and Japan, Southeast Asia, and holds beautiful and natural views.   

Jejudo is the only place in Korea where citrus fruit can be grown; though, regrettably, this industry is dying due to cheap imports.

The climate is significantly different from that of the Korean peninsula- visitors can find palm trees.   But all this lush subtropical greenery comes at a price.

In the past, locals either earned their living fishing or farming. But tourism has now become the main industry on Jeju Island as has been since 1970. The island has also notably become the favorite honeymoon destination for Korean couples.

There are domestic flights to 11 cities (Cheongju, Jinju, Gunsan, Gwangju, Mokpo, Pohang, Busan, Seoul, Daaegu, Ulsan and Yeosu) and international flights to Japan and Southeast Asia.

Ferries connect Jeju with Mokpo, Wando, Busan, Yeosu, and Incheon.

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