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Gat Bawi Festival
This festival celebrates Gat Bawi, national treasure 431, and was named after Kwan-bobg- seok- jo-yeo-rae-jwa-sang and t...

International Textile City, Daegu

Daegu is surrounded by mountains on all sides and has the Geumho River and Sincheon Stream running through the city.   Inferring from the plain and patternless earthen ware excavated in this area, Daegu had become a major settlement in about 1000 B.C.

The textile industry ranked first the production in Korea. Especially the Daegu area is a leading area in textile industry. They have developed the textile industry as a traditional industry. A wide variety of textile industries for example yarn, dyeing, fabrication, and textile machinery industries but in most instances the synthetic fabric industry is in operation. The synthetic fabric production and export complex in the Daegu area is the largest in the world. Also they prepare new 21st century textile industry.

Palgonsan is not wilderness park and the splendid scenery is somewhat marred by 18 hole golf course. Donghwasa is a large temple in the Palgonsan. The temple is a careful balance of old and new architecture but the noticeable feature is Tong-ildaebul or Medicinal Buddha.   

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