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The Charm of Korea which Attract You

Korea has 5000 years of eternal history, and Korea take pride in its unique tradition and culture. Also, the fast growing of its economic and development created various modern culture. The coexistence of the past, the present and the future gives another charms about this country. All the attractions are gathered here.

Four different seasons are clearly divided in Korea. Each seasonal manner and customs are still handed down generation to generation. Every traditional festive days and ceremonies have its own foods and folk games, and these suitable foods and games are reflected in Korean's wisdom.

There are many celebration days. You can enjoy even more in these festive atmosphere if you visit in seasonable time. Korean have many Buddhist festivals because Korean believe in Buddhism since Goryo time. Especially the birth of Buddha (lunar day of April 8th) is major celebration day in all around the country. Christmas and Valentine's day are another festive days for youngsters. The most of young Korean lovers celebrate   their 100th day celebration or one year anniversary.

Korean traditional art has been recognized in world wide. Traditional music instrument add the joy and pleasure for visitors and was performed in Seoul Olympic Games and   Exposition in Daejeon. These traditional instrumental music are familiar to the foreigners through oversea performance and many concerts. The mask dance (Talchum) is another famous traditional play. That is the way for the lower class population to overcome the actual discrimination towards the upper class population. The wandering entertainment group, so called, Namsadangpae combined all the beauty of art.

Many parks and specialized markets can make you motivate in this busy world. The rest places in city, such as Hangang river side Park, Yeouydo Park and Boramae Park can help to get rid of fatigue. Seodaemun "Hyeoungmuso Park remains Korean history. Lastly, each markets show Korea in living style as it is. Therefore, it could be good way to discover about Korean culture.

Now, it is your turn to jump into the total charm of Korea.

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