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Traditional holiday games in Korea
Korean games have been very important in agriculture for a long time, there are a lot of games played that are wishes fo...
**The game of Chuseok
Several traditional Korean plays satirize the classes. Kkok-dugak-sinoleum is one of these and it is unique in that it ...

The significance of Korean Folk Games

Korean folk games originate from Korean ceremonies and experiences. Long ago people would pray for a good harvest or the peace of the village. Sometimes, they prayed for good fortunes. There are different games for each season. Some of the games, held in farms, have artistic value.   Korean folk games express people¡¯s sentiments and emotions.

In general the games are closely linked to national fetes and festivals.   ¡®Ganggangsulae,¡¯ held on 15th August, comprises of a group of women dancing and singing in a circle.

By contrast the male-dominated game ¡®Chajeon-noli,¡¯ is held on January 1st, and it is a competition between villages. Each prays for the best harvest.

Villages also have a game of tug of war with groups formed by men and women. The village who wins the game believes that they will be entitled to a bumper crop in the next harvest.

The seesaw game is played by women on May 5th. There were few times for women when they were allowed to open their minds in ancient Korea in the Joseon period (1392-1910). At this time Korea was socially very conservative, and women especially, lived in the closed society.      
Rope walking by acrobats and traditional puppet shows are characteristic professional plays with artistic value.

Games such as ¡®farmers¡¯ dancing while playing a musical instrument, a game of ¡®Yut,¡¯ and kicking a shuttlecock around are still people¡¯s favorite plays.

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