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Seoul¡¯s National Parks

Seoul is the center of Korea¡¯s politics, economics, and culture. There are not only high-rise buildings and neon lights, but also family parks and palace parks in Seoul.

¡®Hangang Simin-gongwon¡¯ is a good option for tourists. It provides the perfect backdrop for long walks.   There are also many inexpensive sports, leisure and culture facilities.   An open-air swimming pool in the summer months is popular for both cooling off and getting a suntan.   

¡®Saejgang¡¯ Ecology Park, located in Yeouido, is also worth a visit.   The park houses lifeforms such as plants, insects, fishes and birds. It is a good place to study biology, observing living creatures outside of a classroom.   

Seodaemun Prison Park is a historical park where many Koreans who fought for our independence were imprisoned during the Japanese colonization period of 35 years (from August 1910 to August 1945).

¡®Tabgol-gongwon¡¯ is a park that was originally used in the independence movement of Korea from Japan on March 1. Today, it¡¯s a resting place for the old.

Parks such as ¡®Boramae-gongwon¡¯, ¡®Yongsan-gongwon¡¯ and ¡®Yeouido-gongwon¡¯ are used for leisurely strolls with families or lovers. It is good for your health to walk barefoot on the road in the parks. The benefits of pressure to the feet and toes have also been accepted by occidental medicine.

Seoul is a city where you will enjoy shopping.   If, however, you are ready to drop, look around and you¡¯re sure to find a park nearer that you¡¯d think, in the middle of town.

The First Ecological Park in Korea, Yeouido Setgang
Imagine that you could enjoy nature surroundings right in the heart of the city. What an exciting thing it would be! W...

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