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  Early Summer, Dano
The Dano Festival is held every May and is characterized by wishes for healthy harvests for the year. ...
On July 7 of the Lunar Calendar, Chilseok is celebrated to honor the story of Gyeon Uh and Jik Nyeo. It is often rainin...
Korea's Maple Leaf, the Beauty of Autumn
Korea has four distinct seasons. Korea's fall with its maple leaves is famous for its unmistakable weather and deep blu...
The 15th Day of the First Full Moon
The first full moon of the year, falling on the 15th day of the month, is particularly special to Koreans. People consi...

Korean Customs according to the different seasons

Korean ancestors farmed preserving Korean customs. Agricultural customs are repeated on the same day every year, and this helps the cultivation of the crops. Even today agricultural events still are held in rural areas. People adopted these customs out of necessity.

Culture in Korea has been created over a long time. Even though the country introduces Occidental products nowadays, and has some administrative rules, Koreans maintain their life on the basis traditional culture.   

Seasonal customs are of important significance to the older generation who, in many cases, spent their lives cultivating agricultural products. Various traditional events are held in rural areas for abundant crops in the beginning of the year, for the growth of plantation in the sowing season, and for thanks to the heaven in harvesting season.

People relax, and prepare the dishes of the season. They wear special clothes on festive days. They also hold ceremonies for the repose of their ancestors¡¯. Such annual events not only animate villagers but also strengthen community solidarity and the unity of the whole country.
There are many things to see and taste for tourists visiting Korea, through Korean traditional events.

What is a Boknal?
Korea has four distinct seasons. It is a Korean custom to choose the 3 hottest days of the summer and to eat especially ...
Hansik day (cold food date)
Ancient Korean ate cold food on Hansik day, as the king prohibited heating building fires that day....
The Wisdom of Korean Ancestors for a Cooler Summer
Korea has four distinct seasons, and in order to stay cool during the hot summers, they came up with various creative in...

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