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  Traditional Korean Sport - Ssireum
Ssireum is the most popular traditional Korean sport. Ssireum has been a part of Korean history for 5000 years. Ssireu...
  Taekwondo (the Korean art of empty handed self-defense)
If someone has no knowledge on Taekwondo, it can be understood only as one of the match item. However, Taekwondo has its...
Yeon (Kite)
Traditional Game for Wishing Good Luck in the New Year...
Gungdo, a noble sport that is good for the mind
Traditional Korean sports have a heavy tendency to be based on martial arts and hunting and as we have learnt through an...

Korean Traditional Sports

Traditional Korean sports are stimulating for athletes and spectators alike. Spectators can easily judge a victory or a defeat in Korean sports. Some sports that originate in Korea have become famous around the world.

ˇ®TaekwondoˇŻ is good for mental training, it is an international sport   developed in Korea. People can defend themselves regardless of whether they are young or old, male or female, by using their feet and their bare hands. It is not simply about learning to fight. The sport has a philosophy that harmonizes people with nature, while training them mentally and physically. ˇ®TaekwondoˇŻ has been adopted as an official Olympic sport.

Another traditional sport is called ˇ°Ssireum.ˇŻ Ssireum is a favorite public sport that has been around for 5,000 years.

At the beginning of the match, two masculine athletes hold each other. The first competitor to throw his opponent on the ground wins the game. The sport has been highlighted as particularly entertaining to spectators. It has been a professional sport in Korea since 1980.

Bull fighting in a Korean farm. Primarily competitions between bulls were held to relieve the ennui during slack seasons on the farm. Today, competitions between bulls are held once a year. Many foreign tourists come to see the fights in March in Cheongdo.

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