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Korea's Unique Culture

The origins of Korean customs and culture are important to know to fully understand the country. Drinking alcohol, singing and dancing are all favorite Korean pastimes. Many Korean customs are directly or indirectly influenced by the tenets of Confucianism.

One such example is a great respect for the elderly, and a high regard for politeness whilst in the presence of elders. Socializing with Koreans usually equates to drinking! Certain etiquettes are observed, and it's good to keep them in mind.

?According to Korean customs, it is polite to fill the other personís wine cup first. In general, people pour with 2 hands, and receive with 2 hands.

?When drinking in the presence of elders, It is polite to let your wine cup hit the other personís, and drink, slightly twisting the waist and neck. This is a sign of respect toward the elderly.
Politeness is important in the Korean society. When meeting older people, it is polite to say hello first. There are several ways of showing respect to the elderly.   Young men can drink alcohol around the elderly, but donít smoke in front of them because smoking cigarettes is considered rude. Conceding seats to the elderly in the subway or on a bus is considered a virtue according to the Korean custom.

Some things are forbidden according to Korean custom. For example, whistling at night or cutting oneís fingernails at night is considered unpleasant behavior, causing one misfortune.   It is also better to hand something to another person using your right hand.

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