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  Seolnal, the First Day of a Whole New Year
Next to Chuseok (Thanksgiving day), Seolnal is the biggest holiday celebrated in Korea. It is on January 1st of the lun...
Chuseok, harvest day in Korea
Chuseok is Harvest Moon Festival. Chuseok is the 15th of August; we also call it 'Hangawi', 'Jungchujeol', and 'Gawitn...
Korean National Holidays
Koreas big national holidays are New years day(Seolnal/1st of Jan. of the lunar calendar), Sikmokil(as 5th of April of t...

Korean Lovers¡¯ Celebrations

Koreans are accustomed to celebrating special events with their lovers. Men show women their love through celebrating happy moments in their lives together. Days such as Christmas and Valentine day are well known by the public, but there are also various commemorative days created between lovers such as the 100th day of the their meeting.   

Here are a few things you should know if you go out on a date with a Korean.
People around the world become very animated at the end of year, and the ambiance in Korea at this time is no exception. People stop what they are doing to listen to Christmas carols on the street, and go shopping in department stores in the city center.

Christians go to church at Christmas, although many Koreans celebrate with their friends, passing time together. They send cards, and crowds of people are out walking the streets in areas such as Jongro, and Daehakro. Drinking in taverns in the city center is also popular.

At midnight on 31st December the bell tolls 33 times from Bosingak located on the street of Jongro. People listen to the bell and try to put unpleasant events that happened in the last year behind them now, as they hope for a happy life in the coming year.

On St. Valentine¡¯s Day there are many chocolates and flowers in the stores. Crowds of people can be seen in bakeries and gift shops looking for presents. Merchants exhibit baskets full of chocolate, and various other gifts all over the stores. Valentine¡¯s Day is a date for lovers but in reality bakeries and gift shops profit most!      

In Asia, there is another day for lovers on March 14th. ¡®White Day¡¯ is the day that man declares his love for his partner by giving her sweets. A woman will tell her partner in confidence that she loves him on Valentine¡¯s Day, so it can be interpreted that a man decides whether to accept her love in the time between Valentine¡¯s day and White Day.    Gifts are exchanged between lovers.   

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