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 Home >> Where to Stay >> Youth Hostel >> Gangwon-do
Gangchon Youth Hostel
We can accomodate up to 196 people and welcome families, students and travellers. We are located near many places of interest such as Gugok waterfall,...
Naksan Youth Hostel
Located in Naksan-sa just 5 mins from the beach and 15 mins by car get Mt.Seolaksan. The hostel is located close to Naksan-sa, Naksan beach, Shinheung...
Seolaksan Youth Hostel
Located in the Mt.Seolak National Park with accomodation for 844 people, our hostel is be talked about as the ideal location for elementary and middle...
Doonnae Youth Hostel
With a swimming pool, snow sled, bowling, natural wood halls and so on, the Doonnae Youth Hostel is a place to wind down from the stresses of Seoul li...

Hyundai Sungwoo Youth Hostel
The youth hostel is stayed in Sungwoo resort. Maximum capability is 998 persons Hyundai Sungwoo resort bring the perfect combination of the nature an...
Mt. Chiak Youth hostel
There are a lot of facilities such as grand hall, Seminar room, small conversation room, camp fire, a sled place, swimming pool, gymnasium, play place...
Wonju Hwaseong Youth Hostel
The youth hostel has a hall, sauna, survival game place, golf courses (9 holes), skin scuba pool and capability is 741. There is surrounded mountai...
Yongpyong Youth Hostel
Yongpyong youth hostel is located at Yongpyong resort and capability is 762 persons. During the winter ski camps open. There are swimming pool, pocket...

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