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Casamia Sunset Pension
Seokmodo is located 10 minutes away from Ganhwa by ship. It was made famous when it appeared on television hosting the pop group GOD and singer Jae Mi...
Dynasty Resort
This comfortable pension is set within a huge field and has a swimming pool. We have 7 rooms available. ...
Gapyeong Pension Village
View-ret" means view and rest, the pension is located with river Bukhan and Cheongpyeong lake in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi do. ...
Jeju Pension
This comfortable log cabin has views of Mun-seom (island), Beom-seom and Marado. The early morning sun rise is beautiful. It has 3 rooms with a barbec...
Namwon Log Cabin
This log cabin has an out-door theater, barbecue, movie museum and nearby beach. ...
Rain Fog Pension
This comfortable pension is surrounded by beautiful scenery such as the rain-fog in Okjeong lake. The pension has 2 rooms which can accommodate 30 peo...
Seoguipo Gyulimsung
This beautiful log cabin is set within a tangerine orchard(Gamgyul) with subtropical botanical gardens. Nearby is a factory that makes traditional soy...
Seogwipo Gyulimsung
There are Mandarin farm, Palm trees, and Traditional souces manufactory. Also visitors can see a thatched house and traditional terrace where soy sou...
Geumbit Dungji Pension
The pension is located Geomdang valley where is one of river Pyeongchang. The valley is so deep and beautiful. The pension made from a log. One guest...
Happy 700 Bongpyeong Pension
Bongpyeong is a famous place for buckwheat that is used Lee Hyo Seok's novel title. The pension is a beautiful log house. Visitors can relax their vac...
Marin Village
Jindo is a large island of Mokpo and is connected to the mainland by a bridge. The pension distances 10 minutes from Landing Tide phenomenon. There ...
Miho Pension
A thatched house, soil, and trees are harmonizing. The pension is located in ancient city, Gyeongju. There are 2guest rooms, and other facilities are...
Neul Pureun Resort
The pension is located in sightseeing farm where is near the Seong_Eub traditional village. There are palm trees, a mandarine farm,and a deer farm. ...
Nostalgia Pension
The Nostalgia is Cannada style and is built of wood. They also run trout farm so they provide 2kg raw trout. They have 2 guest rooms and visitors ca...
Soho Pension
The pensio is like a small house at the woods so visitors feel comfortable. They have 5 guest rooms(17 persons). If guests want to eat breakfast, th...

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