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What to Eat

Agutang (Goosefish soup), Agujjim (Steamed Goosefish soup)
Bibimbab (Boiled rice mixed with vegetables)
Bindaetteok (Mung bean pancake), Pajeon (Pancake fried with green onion, sea foods & vegetables)

Bokyori (Globefish soup)
Budaejjige (Stew with ham, sausage & vegetables)
Bunsik, Ramyeon (Korean Ramen noodles)

Cheolpanyori (Broiled beef, seafood & vegetables)
Chueotang (Mudfish soup)
Dakgalbi (Broiled spicy chicken & vegetables)

Dakyori (Broiled chicken)
Dolsotbab (Boiled rice in a hot stone pot)
Dubuyori (Bean curd food)

Galbi (Broiled beef ribs), Bulgogi ( Roast beef)
Gimbab (Boiled rice rolled in dried laver)

Guksu (Noodles)
Haejangguk (Soup to relieve the hangover)
Haemultang (Spicy seafood soup)

Haemulyori (Sea food)
Jokbal (Steamed pettitoes), Bossam (Steamed & chopped pork with wrapped-up kimchi)
Juk (Porridge)

Kalguksu (Hand-rolled noodles in beef or chicken broth), Sujebi (Clear soup with dough flakes)
Kimchi Jjige
Korean buffet

Maeuntang (Spicy hot pot)
Makguksu (Buchwheat noodles)
Mandu (Bun stuffed with meat & vegetables)

Naengmyeon (Cold noodle)
Nakjiyori (Octopus food)
Normal korean food

North korean food
Ojingeoyori (Squid food)
Oriyori (Duck food)

Samgyetang (Ginseng chicken soup)
Samkyeopsal, Dwaejigui (Broiled pork)
Seolleongtang, Gomtang (Beef soup with rice)

Ssambab (Vegetable bundle with boiled rice inside)
Sundae (Sausage made of beef & bean curd stuffed in pig intestine), Gopchang (Broiled small intestine of cattle)
Sundubu-jjige (Soft bean curd stew with clams, beef or pork)

Temple food
Traditional Korean Restaurant
Tteokguk (A soup of slices rice cake), Tteokbokki (Boiled rice cake with sweet sauce & vegetables)


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