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 Home >> What to Eat >> Korean food >> Galbi (Broiled beef ribs), Bulgogi ( Roast beef)
Daerim-jeong has been making its own soybean paste for more than 40 years. For dishes like Bulgogi, the meat is marinated in that sauce for a long tim...
GAlbijim and Gejang are the most famous items at Gingogae. This restaurant is also famous for Bossam kimchi. Gingogae has a take out service. ...
As you get tired of shopping in Itaewon we strongly recommend you visit our restaurant. We make great meals and provide a comfortable atmosphere. ...
  SeJong Garden
Many languages are spoken, and thus we are popular with foreigners. ...

Seocho gol
This restaurant has been reviewed in a Japanese magazine, so a lot of Japanese visit us. ...
At one corner of the garden there live deer rebbits and fowl. The restaurantthat looks like a rural house is famous for cooking all dishes over a wood...
Walker hill Hotel Korean restaurant( Myung Wol Kwan)
Myung Wol Kwan renewed for a charcoal Galbi restaurant. They provide best meats and use traditional charcoal so the taste would be wonderful. The rest...
63 Roof Garden
We are especially proud of our seasoned and original flavored ribs, cooked over a charcoal brazier. They are sure to please anyone¡¯s culinary taste. ...
Galbi Mind
The restaurant main is Galbi, and is located near the main street. The restaurant is clean and modern style so young people like this place. The meat...
Gaya charcoal galbi
During the summer, bean sprout, bone haejangkuk, crap with rice, beef soup are popular to the people. The customers can receive 1,00won on Monday, We...
Gohyang Garden
Great food and friendly service. Seats 180. ...
The restaurant's raw fishes are special. Tuna pickle, broiled eel, oyster, are provided and appetizers is red been soup, dissert is fruits and rice ba...
Gyewon Galbi
A great place to taste delicious sogalbi with excellent service and affordable prices. ...
Naksan Garden
It is a Spanish-style restaurant with 19 years of tradition. THe main menus are Ribs and Bulgogi, grilled over charcoal. They say they use their own n...

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